The Journaler goes through his February notes.  Year after year page after page of cold annotations fill the lines. Crunchy ground, ice and snow, the frozen earth is dark and brown. No leaves on the trees, no blossoms, no blooms, no green, gray skies, coats and sweaters, scarves and gloves, hats and boots that is what February is made of.  But 2012, you tricky girl, el Niño or la Niña who knows?  Green is the grass that could soon need mowed. Short are the sleeves and shorts for the heavy guy who sweats all the time. Plants, they are tricked and could soon begin to bloom, but a frost would kill them, why not winter resume? In the mean time it’s warm so undecided we will be. Do we pack up our wool or keep it close by is the question you see.

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