June notebook…

Went to the ballpark tonight. It was our 20th trip in the first 21 days of the month. It’s our lives. We do it and love it, because they love doing it. I’m speaking of our kids and their love affair with sports of course. It’s an investment in the memories they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The usual crew is there – other parents who volunteer to coach, umpire, run the concession stand, keep the books, run the scoreboard, and cheer their kids, your kids, our kids. There are very few places you can find a village trying to raise a kid today, but you can find it at the ballpark.

“Son, you’re better than that. Get in front of the ball. Pick your trash up. Tell your mom thank you for bringing you to practice. Tuck your shirt in,” are the words they hear, because they were the words we heard when we were kids and feel they are worth repeating, so we do.

It’s time for district tournaments and then State for those born in a year that was good for baseball. We’ve got a chance this year. The perfect storm could be brewing in Clarksville so we focus on the kids, because we love them. Go Big Blue!

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