I launched at daylight for a 55-mile bike ride across Kentucky farmland. It was a perfect morning for riding – overcast, cooler, even drizzling rain at times. My mind was on the State baseball championships, which begin this weekend in Tullahoma. I mentally reviewed the batting order as I pedaled through corn fields and tobacco barns. I saw at least a dozen deer and twice that many turkey.

Suddenly, 36-miles into my ride, I snapped back to reality as I saw movement approaching from a parallel road. He would intersect my road in about a quarter of a mile. He was moving quickly. It soon became clear that he would reach the intersection first and thus take the lead. Pride is a terrible thing.

He didn’t slow at all as he merged onto my path.  I put a couple of crank bending strokes into the pedals and jumped on his wheel.  I glanced down to see how fast we were going.

I surveyed the terrain ahead and saw that we had a short climb coming up then a long downhill.  I’d have to time it perfectly.  I inventoried my energy, took a quick swig of water and prepared to attack. We hit the climb and I popped up out of the saddle and pulled alongside.  I glanced over at the buggy jockey and he gave me a snarl then turned back to his steed. A loud shrill emanated from his lips then he gave a sharp rap with the reins and yelled, “Yaaaaaaa.”  Fast trot quickly turned canter which became a run and it was on. I danced on the pedals to hold my position until we crested the hill then I downshifted, tucked and sped away with another Tour de Bluegrass victory!

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  1. Well… Apparently pride is a “terrible thing” with the Amish too. Who would have thought. Racing against a one horse amish buggy… I am without words. I am, however, laughing hysterically.

    Nice one, Jimmy.

    Peace, Jim Stewart

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