I’m flying tonight so I slept in until my biological clock rang at 5:00 a.m. For once I was able to roll over and get another hour of sleep before submitting and going to the back porch to sit while the fog lifted from my head. Our friendly hummingbird was already up and sucking red nectar from our feeder. He seems like a smartly dressed little gentleman, with his red neck and tiny black top hat, which is fitting for the yard he chose, but when another bird attempts to feed he demonstrates redneck anger and dive-bombs him.5755905199_31ef2c8be3

I had hoped for a cool morning but humidity crashed my dreams. I’m ready for fall. I love the sound of a cool breeze through the cedars in my back yard. It won’t be long until the green is transformed into a kaleidoscope of autumn brilliance, until morning grass is crunchy and white with frost, until my little redneck friend rides the wind south.

It is forecast to be a cold winter. At least that is what the old-timers say. Men in bib overalls wearing John Deere hats and spitting streams of black tobacco juice discuss these things with ample seriousness. These southern soothsayers read the signs and rant on about the woes of nature. Don’t get me wrong; I love to hear them pontificate about the seasons, albeit usually a grim prediction at best. If the bees nest up high it will be a mild winter they say, but if they nest in the ground it will be a hard cold one. They gather over coffee to compare notes, determine how many nests have been observed and more importantly where they were located. They are in the ground this year – prepare for a harsh one!

The neighbors stir and kids begin to migrate towards the bus stop. A quite morning grows increasingly louder. I remember deafening silence as a child when the power would flicker then go out. It was eerie quiet on the Red Bud Road in the 1970s, before neighborhoods crawled east and brought people and cars with them. It took the absence of power to recognize how loud a lone freezer and a pendulum clock really was.

Interrupted, I go inside to begin a new day. Hope yours is a dandy.

One thought on “September Morn

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