Just as I settled into the woods to wait
When the fallen leaves were crisp with frost
When the air was cold and stung my skin
When the trickling of a nearby stream
Carried the tune of water to all that would hear
I saw her begin to reveal the world.

Slow ascent as if to sneak up on me
She was introduced in blue
Then came grey that like a rainbow,
A kaleidoscope of color,
Transformed to pink and more.

Like a ghost she rose
Not wanting to be seen
Until she could conceal no more
A gift withheld throughout the night
In radiant rays she burst into sight.

A sliver of crimson
A sphere of red
An unbridled flame
That drove the cold away.

So brilliant I could no longer gaze
She rose in majesty
Unveiling a new day.

Daddy’s Wish

Scratched out on the back of helicopters to nowhere – yet everywhere.


Daddy’s Wish


Sometimes I find myself wishing you forever young,

making angels when snow finds the ground.

In distant lands I’m angered that fate has somehow stolen time –

cheated me of treasured memories formed in a narrow slice of life.


I wish for paper dolls and noontime naps,

sitting by your bed watching dreamful expressions in innocent slumber.


I yearn for selfish things –

things that would deny you mortal trials.

Challenges, setbacks that would otherwise let you grow

I’d take them all away.

Replace them with loving friends and peaceful paths.

I wish I could remove the ache from a broken heart –

turn every childish insult into a flattering remark.

I wish I could heal a cut and soothe a bruise –

turn your frowns into smiles, your tears to diamonds.

I’d transform dark clouds into sunbeams.

I’d slay every monster that dared to visit your dreams.


Sometimes I wish I were young again

if only to play with you like I was your friend.

To show you a time when I was a cowboy

popping springs as I blazed a trail on a rocking horse.

I was good at being a boy. 


I wish I could be there every day

to see you wake and pave your way.

I wish you knew just how much I love you,

but then again you will someday.


With children of your own,

you’ll understand a parent’s love

burn inside with emotion words can’t describe.

If my wishes came true you’d fail to grow and learn,

see the good because you saw the bad

enjoy pleasure because you’ve tasted pain.

If my hopes came true I’d deny you the love I feel for you.

So go forth and become the one you’re meant to be.

Stumble you will, even fall from time to time,

but remember who you are and all that you’ve learned.

You’re a child of God, a Spirit from on high,

sent to experience the trials of this time.

Never forget the love in your heart,

and the love of your Dad

even when we’re apart.